Wing-it    Vietnam Motorcycle Tours  has a number of Tour Packages available for a minimum of 2 riders.

Our bikes are brand-new Honda WH150cc. These bikes will get you there comfortably – day after day.

Among the tours we offer:

  • One day tour (Battlefield Tour)
  • Three-day tour
  • Five Day Tour
  • Ten Day Tour
  • Tours up to 30 Days available for the more experience riders
  • Tours Customized to suit Your needs. Just Ask us.

Wing-it tours,Has now added to all our tours.

Car tours.

All the above tours can now be done in the comfort of a Car.

As well,  car and bike combined for the non riders and riders.

There is a small increase in your daily cost for the car.

Price on Request.

Photographic Tours.

All tours can be done either with bike or car.

Don’t miss out just because you a non rider, come and take a better photo then me.


TOUR DATES  2016-2017 are available.

We prefer  not to set any dates as we work with our customers,  To Fit in  with there availability. Just contact us.

Please Note:

All tours are not set in stone if you require a  date to tour and place a booking we will

accommodate you and you group.

2014 tour Dates will be available in the next month.



Wherever you go, you will find evidence of a long and dynamic past and experience the colorful, happy and friendly Vietnamese people.

Our fully-escorted tours will give you plenty of peace of mind. Just take in all of the wonderful sights and experiences in this awe inspiring country. Leave the rest to us!

Customized tours are available on request.


Skype :  Kevinblock1